Psilocybe Caerulescens

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What Is Psilocybe Caerulescens?

Buy Psilocybe Caerulescens Online Colorado. The famous Landslide Mushroom is a psychoactive shroom that grows largely in Central and South America. Used for religious ceremonies by the Mazatec people of Mexico, it has likely been in use for thousands of years.psilocybe caerulescens
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In the wild, it is difficult to spot Psilocybe caerulescens due to their similarity with several other species, some of which are deadly. It’s also difficult to spot them because they vary heavily in size and shape.

Landslide Mushrooms have red, sticky flesh when fresh, but a yellowish color develops as they dry. Younger specimens will bruise blue or blue-black. Even though most are small, some can be quite large.

Why Is it Called Landslide Mushroom?

Landslide Mushrooms grow best in sunny soil devoid of other vegetation but with plenty of wood debris in the soil. That combination of criteria is pretty tough to find in nature, with one exception: the site of a recent landslide.

Though these mushrooms can reliably appear in devastation zones, you can also find them in other places. They grow well in the Sierra mountain range thanks to high altitudes and cool temperatures.

History of the Landslide Mushroom | Buy Psilocybe Caerulescens Online

The Landslide Mushroom could be said to have started the psychedelic movement.

That’s an admittedly bold statement, especially considering how popular different marijuana strains  were becoming around the same time period. But the Landslide Mushroom was the first to receive nationwide publicity with its feature in Life magazine in 1957.

Gordon Wasson, a photojournalist and amateur mycologist, wrote a piece called “Seeking the Magic Mushroom” that detailed his experience as a guest to the Mazatec people of Mexico during a psilocybin ceremony. As one of the first Westerners to gain access to such a ceremony, he described in great detail the rituals and effects of the mushrooms. best psilocybe caerulescens online colorado.

The essay is said to have played a huge role in spurring the psychedelic movement. The term “magic mushroom” — which was added to the article’s title by an editor against Wasson’s wishes — gained an immediate spot in the public lexicon. Nascent hippies began flocking to Mexico by the tie-dyed thousands in search of this elusive mushroom.

While this was a great boost to the psychedelic movement, it also had its drawbacks. The masses of strangers descending on the Mazatec culture disrupted its way of life and, in Wasson’s own opinion, defiled the value of the mushroom itself. buy psilocybe magic mushroom near me.

Such is history: a confused melding of good and tragic, forcing us to take the results as they are. The Landslide Mushroom, though, is a force for good — one that’s become cemented in our collective culture and isn’t going away anytime soon. order psilocybe magic mushroom colorado

Landslide Mushroom Trip Effects | Buy Psilocybe Caerulescens Online

One of the benefits of Landslide Mushrooms is that they have a lower potency than closely related P. cubensis shrooms, leading to a trip that lasts between 3 and 6 hours on average. That’s great if you’re looking for something that won’t be an all-day affair.

You can expect a Landslide Mushroom trip to include relaxation and euphoria, along with meaningful personal insights and sensory distortion. They also deliver a sense of connection with nature and with humankind.

Unwanted side effects are similar to other mushrooms: mild nausea and anxiety can become exaggerated and intense. how to get psilocybe caerulescens online colorado.

Because it has lower potency than other mushrooms, Landslide is a great option for beginners or those looking to Microdose. south Carolina magic Mushrooms, mushroom hunting Georgia, identification Georgia mushroom, Mushrooms of Georgia, mushrooms of south carolina mushrooms, Psilocybe Caerulescens, Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe mazatecorum, Psilocybe tincture, Psilocybe Villarrealiae, psilocybin mushrooms Georgia psilocybin mushrooms, Texas magic mushroom. One oz mushroom online, buy an oz chocolate bars near me.

Buying Vs. Growing Landslide Mushrooms

It’s possible to harvest Landslide Mushrooms in the wild if you live in the southwestern US, Mexico, or Central/South America. However, it’s recommended that you go with an expert since lookalikes can literally kill you.

Growing mushrooms is cheaper than buying them and gives you a larger supply, though it does require a good bit of infrastructure and care. It’s also risky since it’s highly illegal and can land you in prison. Buying has its own set of risks but may offer a bit more discretion.

Of course, we must remind you that these shrooms are illegal in most jurisdictions, and we don’t condone any sort of illegal activity.

The Landslide Mushroom is a fascinating, beautiful species that offers an incredible trip. Learn more about them and other shrooms by reading our FAQs.

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    Haven’t had more than a gram yet, but these are strong. Not for beginners or a lighter experience. But great for a good trip 🙂 enjoy

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    Beautiful strain, and I couldn’t be happier with your service, mushroom dispensary.

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    Exactly as advertised. First time trip, 2g was plenty. Incredible visuals and euphoria. Amazing experience. Really pleased with my order and the service.

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    Done these in the past may have saved my mental sanity and gave total mind body & soul reset.

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    shipped fast to the city, the quality is amazing. and they were generous with the samples, I love the reward system, really helps.

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    These are the highest quality shrooms I have ever taken. I took a 3.5g dose like I always do and these had me tripping hard.

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    Helped my brother with his anxiety. Solid as hell

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    This strain is very colorful and I’m glad I was able to experience the trip that I was able to have, colorful patterns and ego death. amazing. Thanks my favorite mushrooms dispensary.

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    Hands down the strongest I’ve ever tried and i have tried 20+ strains of mushrooms, on top of that they look soo beautiful it was hard on me to crumble them up.

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    These were amazing and helped me out after a super stressful week of work

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    Was very pleased with this strain! The looks, and quality were all top notch!! Would definitely recommend this one, especially for the price!!!

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    But too costly…

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    These are potent as hell. I felt one with nature, and my addictions melted away leaving me feeling free!

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    Wow! These shrooms knocked my socks off. Highly recommended.

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    Top notch! Very potent. Follow dosage guide and have fun guys !

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