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Buy Pink Buffalo Mushroom Online Colorado | Pink Buffalo Mushrooms for sale.  Psilocybe cubensis Pink Buffalo was first discovered in Thailand. Legend has it that the person who gave the fungus its name and helped make it famous around the world actually discovered the mushrooms in a field where a pink buffalo was grazing (this is plausible, as an internet search for “pink buffalo animal” can confirm).

The rich blue color that emerges when the stems are damaged or sliced is said to indicate that the strain is more potent than average. The caps typically have a dark color. Pink buffalo is likewise thought to be rather simple to grow.


Trip Effects 

Pink buffalo’s effects are roughly the same as those of any P. cubensis strain. These mushrooms typically alter mood, thinking habits, and perception in addition to certain physical effects. At greater dosages, this should ideally result in pleasure, insight, and interesting visual hallucinations, but the trip’s direction depends on the user’s pre-trip thoughts and emotions, so it’s also possible to experience fear, unsettling ideas, or unsettling visuals. Additionally, in both scenarios, more severe side effects such nausea, vomiting, and poor coordination are conceivable. To change one’s state of mind, however, psilocybin mushrooms are a pretty safe option—as long as one adheres to some basic safety precautions.

The Psilocybe high is considered to be milder and friendlier when taken with Pink Buffalo.


One of the more potent P. cubensis strains is Pink Buffalo, albeit the difference is not very noticeable. Near terms of potency, P. cubensis is somewhere in the center of the pack among psilocybin-containing mushroom species.

Dosage | Buy Pink Buffalo Mushroom Online | Pink Buffalo Mushrooms

The dosage is determined on the user’s goals and whether the mushroom is moist or dry.

There are typically six acceptable dosage levels for psilocybin. It is recommended for beginners to start with a dose that is minimal yet still potent enough to produce hallucinations. Then, more seasoned users can experiment with medium or heavy amounts. The “heroic dose” is more intense than the enormous dose and is almost literally mind-blowing; it may result in momentary dissolution of the self, a genuinely risky but maybe fruitful ordeal of epic proportions. The microdose is even smaller than the beginner’s dosage. It isn’t big enough to create hallucinations, but it can be used therapeutically to lift mood and encourage understanding.

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