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 For inexperienced users, we highly recommend experimenting with our pre-dosed capsules. If you need assistance gauging your dosage, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

We cannot guarantee or estimate an equal stalk to cap ratio. Orders may come with more stalks, we do not provide reimbursements if this is the case. Stalks are perfectly good for consumption and will provide a euphoric trip. Please reach out to customer service if there’s any questions!

These are for experienced users, we highly recommend that you have an extensive history with this magical fruit and have a full understanding of the respect one must have with mushrooms before venturing too far into space!

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Buy Cambodian Cubensis Capsules Colorado are known for their potency and high levels of psilocybe, making them perfect for beginners who are looking for a convenient and safe way to enjoy the psilocybin experience, without having to worry about accidentally eating too many or not knowing how strong the trip will be. Each capsule contains approximately 8–12 milligrams of dried psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Created so you have a  micro-environment to help you easily absorb the ingredients. The capsule were carefully formulated to ensure the highest bioavailability—easy and convenient to take, no matter where you are. Capsules are a fast and easy way to get the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. They come pre-measured, so you know exactly how much your taking each time.


Our Purchase Cambodian Cubensis Capsules online are derived from de-stemmed whole fruiting bodies of Psilocybe cubensis Cambodian strain. In order to maintain a consistent spectrum of psilocybin since they are grown in a lab, we use an organic, gluten-free and non-GMO rice flour base.

We never cut corners to maximize potency as any other companies do. Our processing produces the highest levels of psilocybin out there! Start your microdosing journey today! The microdose mushroom supplement you’ve been waiting for is here.


The biggest advantage of these mushroom capsules is their consistency. Because we grow our own mushrooms, and use a special technique to dry them down to a powder, you can rest assured that each capsule will contain roughly 8–12 milligrams (or more) of psilocybin per capsule, every time.

�� Use with caution ⚠️ While these mushroom caps work well for most people with minimal side effects, they’re not for everyone. If you have a history of mental health issues or you’re taking medication that may be impacted by psilocybin, please talk to your doctor before trying this product.



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  1. liana jacobi

    Loved it!!

  2. brooke

    I just started micro dosing again and I really appreciate my products

  3. mathilde

    Phenomenal store you guys are the best.😘👍

  4. watson

    Good product. Fast and reliable service.

  5. felix

    A little more expensive than the others but worth it. Great experience!

  6. sarina

    I feel very good, more energy, also I stopped my meds for depression. I will continue for the rest of my life. Thank you so much

  7. kenneth nicolas

    Good stuffs.
    Will order the higher dose next time 😊

  8. rowan reynolds

    I started microdosing recently and I’ll start saying that I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and these capsules in a daily basis have been amazing at managing my symptoms (alongside my meds) highly recommend for people with anxiety, especially of the social kind. Fantastic products.

  9. lilly

    Helps with my focus, as developer. Good coffee replacement

  10. felipe

    Feels like a superman

  11. alvena

    These capsules are wonderful all your orders on store they have the most suitable products and customer service

  12. maria

    loved the experience just amazing

  13. bradley

    amazing and will be coming for more

  14. danielle kohler

    they added joy and motivation to my days with their products

  15. dayana

    Perfect products if you want to start microdosing! Took 1 for 3 days straight and I felt an improvement in my mood and creativity.

    The shipment is fast and effective.

  16. shirley

    Products always shipped and as promised

  17. brittany

    Definitely going to get more in the future, love your products

  18. luis

    Love em

  19. catalina klein

    These are really convenient to have when micro dosing! I took 2 caps a day (morning and evening) and it helped me with so mush energy

  20. quinn gleason

    I took these in the morning and was able to focus and be happy while working.

  21. cydney walter

    I have really enjoyed this when I need that little bit of an extra boost to my microdosing. Definitely recommend, great for microdosing and beginners like me!

  22. giovanni

    as described, perfects products

  23. claud king

    starting to use it. usually makes me Focus.

  24. johnson

    Love the products. Helps with my disorder. I take it before bed as needed. I ordered the item again.
    I put all of my trust in the magic of shrooms and it’s comforting properties.

  25. juliet

    They were great, would get more definitely

  26. jaquelin denesik

    OMG THEY’RE FINALLY BACK!!! I love these microdosing caps. So convenient and in really nice packaging too.

  27. maximilian schamberger

    Began microdosing 2 weeks ago. I take one capsule every 3 days at the same time each time.I’ve noticed a huge increase in energy positive mood euphoria etc. they are great capsules buying more today.

  28. clovis

    Excellent products

  29. dante reilly

    Absolutely great and can’t get over how quick they deliver

  30. lucienne

    am new to microdosing and this gives off a good high. Everything about this products are good!

  31. gideon williams

    These make it pretty convenient to start micro dosing, good stuffs

  32. geovanny schmeler

    This has helped me greatly with depression and anxiety after the death of my daughter.

  33. maurine

    Great delivery time, sooner than expect, package looks professional and product is high quality.

  34. alfreda prosacco

    This was a great trip! Delivery was faster than expected!

  35. johnson hahn

    Very happy over here! Thank you, super quick delivery, and enjoying the products!

  36. leonardo johnson

    My order came in quick. The product works better then energy drinks.

  37. friedrich

    I was blown away that my package came the day after I placed my order online! The service was amazing!

  38. jacquelyn

    exactly what they are intended for. I will buy again.

  39. kayley

    great products and gives you motivation

  40. sandrine carroll

    I just started microdosing and these are a great way to try a week without committing to a full bottle…. which I will be purchasing today. The dose is perfect ( for me anyways) and I am having better days ? thanks to a friend for introducing me to this.

  41. marjolaine

    Great experience. No side effects. Just felt good

  42. leonardo johnson

    Great mood and am in love with the Caps

  43. justyn

    These are great. I find myself with less anxiety and a good energetic glow that lasts throughout the day.

  44. avis lockman

    you guys are fantastic best customer service, good quality products.

  45. winnifred

    most suitable products and customer services

  46. raegan

    Great products, am in love here

  47. eleanora gibson

    Want to thank you 🙏 guys for that suitable and awesome capsules they were fucking good.😎

  48. queenie

    Bought these for the boyfriend to help out with energy actually. He absolutely loves these. We’ve had some stressful times lately n just burnt out n while rest and recharging is great sometimes you just need a little boost! Definitely will be buying again

  49. elaina crona

    I have never been so excited this way, the capsules were extremely good. Thanks 😊

  50. adeline

    You have to wait a little, do not rush to take more. Working good.

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