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Best Mushrooms For Tripping COLORADO – Mushrooms That Make You Trip. Ecuadorian Mushrooms Brewster.  A psilocybe cubensis from Ecuador, Ecuadorian magic mushrooms, is one of the famous strains. It’s a mountain variety that produces big shrooms, even with extreme conditions. The hybrid strain ample length makes it among the largest yet potent cubensis strains. Also, the Ecuadorian  Cubensis mushroom strain is famous for giving its users speedy effects as well as a clear mind.

Further, this is a beautiful fruit, which is ideal for novices. The main active properties of the shroom are the psilocin and psilocybin. It is an easy to grow hybrid that is widely distributed. The hybrid kit also produces dense flushes of shrooms. The psychedelic mushroom is famous for its impact on modern society. Besides, it has been around for more than 25 years. Best Mushrooms For Tripping COLORADO – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms Description | Best Mushrooms For Tripping – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

Coming from Ecuador Mountains, Ecuadorian shrooms is one of the sought-after cubensis. The strain can even do well with less optimal conditions, making it a top choice for novice growers. It comes from a region with harsh environments. No wonder it’s a resistant strain. Also, the outcross is believed to be a descendant of the Golden Teacher and cubensis Albino A+.

You can recognize the Ecuador magic shrooms easily due to its unique traits. It has long, thick and meaty stems with large caramel caps. According to the mushrooms’ enthusiasts, this variety provides a dreamy, relaxing yet active visual sensation. Further, it’s a strain with a long and exciting history. Today, most local healers and shamans are still using the magic mushroom in ritual ceremonies. Best Mushrooms For Tripping COLORADO – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

Ecuadorian Shrooms Effect

The effects of Ecuadorian shrooms are quite potent and introspective.  It’s a strain that knows all about the high life. It can make your most profound thoughts to come to the forehead of their mind. Consumers say that the shroom tends to put all their five senses to the test. This golden top will give you a quick head high while helping you to remain alert. Also, as a robust variety, the mushroom provides relaxing, dreamy, and joyous sensations.

Nonetheless, when taking Ecuadorian cubensis mushrooms it is always best to be in a friendly environment. Social interactions can be comforting while uplifting your spiritual experience. As a beginner, it’s also advisable to start with a small dosage to avoid overpowering effects. Small dosages can keep bright as you concentrate on the relaxing sensations. Again, you will begin to feel high after about an hour. Therefore, it’s recommendable to be slow on your intakes. Best Mushrooms For Tripping COLORADO – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

Ecuadorian Shroom Grow Information

As said earlier, the Ecuadorian mushroom is one of the most straightforward strains to grow. It’s one of the largest Ecuadorian cubensis shrooms with a length of about 10 to 13cm. Although it may take longer to colonize, the magic shroom is quite resistant. Also, it’s an ideal variety for mycology newcomers.

There are also two most comfortable ways of growing the mushroom. The first method is by using the mushroom grow kit. All you have to do is add water and wait for the liberty cap to grow. You can fill the growth kit with water until the substrate is fully submerged. Store the box in the fridge for about 12 hours. Pour out the excess water and keep the box in the provided bag. Keep spraying freshwater against the inside compartment for 12 to 15 days until the shrooms are fully mature.

The second method is making the use of spores. The spores will germinate in mycelium, which then sprouts into mushrooms. The magic mushrooms will then produce the spores, and the cycle continues.

Ecuadorian Mushroom Medical Use

Psilocybin is the active ingredient, not only in Ecuadorian shrooms but also in other magic mushrooms. It’s a robust psychedelic hybrid that can cause euphoria, visual distortion, among different mystical experiences. Also, the outcross strain can help those struggling with PTSD, depression, stress, and anxieties.

Further, it can assist those with obsessive-compulsive disorders, alcoholics, or those who want to stop smoking. The cubensis lovers and specialists claim that the hybrid may help individuals dealing with cluster headaches, cancer, or other psychological distresses.

Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms Side Effect | Best Mushrooms For Tripping – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

As a hallucinogenic inducing mushroom, Ecuadorian mushrooms have a fair share of adverse reactions. The magic mushies contain psilocybin, a hallucinogen compound that activates serotonin receptors. Serotonin is an essential brain hormone that deals with perception, cognition, and moods. Therefore, the golden top can cause panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, and confusion.Best Mushrooms For Tripping COLORADO – Mushrooms That Make You Trip

Besides, some Ecuadorian shrooms users may experience yawning, unusual body sensations, and dizziness. Nonetheless, the effects vary with consumers depending on tolerance level, mental state, and the immediate Surroundings. buy mushrooms online Australia, buy medicinal mushrooms online,
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19 reviews for Ecuador Mushrooms

  1. Dora R. Joslyn

    J’ai adoré ça. Grande qualité

  2. cleo

    Enjoyed my night. Made tea out of them.

  3. clinton hamill

    Perfect for new adventurers

  4. aileen beahan

    loved the potency ! 5 stars

  5. gaylord hansen

    Definitely recommend. Our friend is well experienced with shrooms and he only took a gram for a light buzz, after deciding to walk home he said he continued to trip for hours while playing guitar on his balcony and apparently had an amazing time lol.

  6. Patria EHarris


  7. kristoffer mills

    Of all the various strains that I have purchased on this site , these were my second favorite ( golden Teachers came in #1 for me). I found these to provide a decent amount of visuals , saw rainbows on everything

  8. kaitlin grimes

    Your mushrooms are amazing and we can’t wait to try the new ones

  9. clementina


  10. pedro gislason

    On the strong side, love it

  11. santa fisher

    I like these. Not too extreme but still a fun trip.

  12. jaqueline

    I was very aware of myself and don’t feel like I could have had a bad trip at all. Visuals were colorful and it’s like things were breathing. This is the next day I feel pretty normal, got to work like usually!

  13. Angela

    Super strong product

  14. kale shanahan

    I used these for my first trip alone. The trip included visuals and deep thoughts. I laughed and cried. I felt like the shrooms unblocked feelings I’ve been suppressing and I could face myself

  15. Henry

    Fast delivery and great product. Prayers going out to everyone

  16. schuyler

    Only tried a small dose yet (~1-2g); gf seemed funnier than usual

  17. janelle frami

    Not too strong, happy-go-lucky feeling! Taken as a microdose, for those interested.

  18. ashly purdy

    Great price for this products and I was shocked by how quickly it was delivered.

  19. lizeth kerluke

    was good, no complaints!

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